Compote, Chutney & Salami Strolghino of Culatello

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    Our offer includes:
    - 1 x Pepper and Strawberry Compote 106 g
    - 1 x Tomato Chutney 106 g
    - 1 x Strolghino Salami of Culatello 

  • This is a story which addresses  all those times when you couldn't stand someone and then, ten years later, you find yourself meeting, marrying or developing a lasting friendship with them. It is story which reminds you of when you were very young and your mother would make you eat a dish or food you disliked which has since become your favourite. 

    For the uninitiated, compotes have absolutely nothing to do with cheeses and cured meats; they are alien and far off worlds, perhaps eyed with a touch of suspicion.

    To appreciate their goodness just think back to your childhood, or those first dates, when you put rationality to one side and just followed your gut instincts, closed your eyes and  took a leap into the dark.

    The truth is that no cheese or cured meat is complete without an ingredient which brings out its flavours. Make way for chutney, compote, jam and jelly.

    Onion and Orange Chutney with mature cheese is simply a must.
    Pepper and Strawberry Compote is a highly original combination, perfect served with more delicate, fresh, medium - mature cheeses.
    Pear in Balsamic Vinegar Compote is unforgettable with Parmigiano Reggiano as with all aged, strong flavoured cheeses. The sweetness of pears with vinegar and complex flavours of a fine cheese is a match made in heaven.
    Tomato Chutney is a sure bet: its pleasantly acidic flavour goes with a vast array of cheeses, charcuterie products and meats. Looking for inspiration? Try it as a sauce for bread rolls or bruschette.

    Strolghino Salami of Culatello

    Once upon a time there were no fridges or avant-garde technology and the production of fine charcuterie was no mean feat. Once the meat had been minced, a number of things could go wrong. The seasons might be too hot or too dry or too wet. Sometimes months of work could be ruined by pure bad luck. So pigs were butchered in winter when the cold protected the meat, then everyone prayed to God that everything would go well because that pig represented sacrifice, both in terms of money and hard work. Some chose to make salami and ham and others, who lived in the right towns, were more willing to take a risk and opted to make Culatello.
    Strolghino was made with the leftovers (a strange word to use for valuable pork thigh). The name speaks volumes of the fears and uncertainties of a task which is still subject to the vagaries of the seasons and of fate. There is nothing accidental about the fact that, in Italian, the archaic verb 'strologare' means to guess, to prophesy, read the stars and the omens, as a fortune teller does. Strolghino, a humble meat because it is made with the pieces cut off Culatello, is a small offering to the fates.
    The meat (lean, in contrast to other cured meats) is minced and seasoned and then stuffed into soft intestine casing and cured for a relatively brief period. It is light and delicate in flavour.

    Try it with home-made bread and if you wish to serve with cheese, go for the unmistakeable Parmigiano Reggiano.

     Nutrition Information per 100 g 


    Pepper and Strawberry Compote
    Energy 797 kJ
    188 kcal
    Fat < 0 g
      Of Which Saturates < 0 g
    Carbohydrate 45 g
      Of Which Sugars
    1 g
    Protein 1 g
    Salt 0 g

    Tomato Chutney
    Energy 685 kJ
    193 kcal
    Fat < 0 g
      Of Which Saturates < 0 g
    Carbohydrate 38 g
      Of Which Sugars 1,2 g
    Protein 1 g
    Salt 0 g

    Strolghino salami of Culatello

    Energy 1481 kJ
    354 kcal
    Fat 23,2 g
    Of Which Saturates 2,8 g
    Carbohydrate 0 g
    Of Which Sugars 0 g
    Protein 36,7 g
    Salt 4,4 g
  • Pepper and Strawberry Compote
    Ingredients: strawberries (64%), red peppers (9%), sugar, lemon, balsamic dressing (2%)
    Total sugar content: 53g/100g
    Prepared with 143 g of vegetables per 100 g

    Tomato Chutney
    Ingredients: tomatoes (45%), onions (19%), cane sugar, peppers (8%), raisins, garlic, apple vinegar, ginger, cloves
    Total sugar content: 58g/100g
    Prepared with 100 g of vegetables per 100 g

    Keep refrigerated after opening (0°/+4°) and consume within 10 days
    Net weight: 106 g

    Strolghino Salami of Culatello
    Ingredients: Pork, salt, natural flavourings, preservatives: E250, E251.
    Gluten free and Lactose free.
    Store in a cool, dry place. Once sliced, keep refrigerated (0°/+4°).
    Weight: apx 250 gr

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