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Balsamic Tasting (Black, Apple Fuji, White Truffle)

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    Vinegar cellars are receptacles of memories.
    The past merges with the present, in the shadow of barrels made from different kinds of wood, each conferring a unique flavour upon balsamic condiments.
    Goccia Nera is a traditional recipe, further enhanced by a slow and lengthy ageing process, lasting approximately eight years.
    A dark brown condiment, a precious ink to add your own signature touch upon dishes, give new flavours to meats, cheeses, salads and oil dips, and exalt the sweetest of fruits, creams or ice creams.

    The oak barrels in which this balsamic vinegar condiment has aged have a story or two to tell.
    Goccia Gialla is born from a marriage of flavours which create a delicious harmony together, combining white grape must, Fuji apple juice and apple vinegar for a one-of-a-kind condiment with infinite potential.
    Ideal for salads or vegetables served fried, boiled or grilled, and unforgettable on cheese, fish and white meat.

    Cooked grape must is an evocative flavour, conjuring up images of childhood memories, treats at granny’s house and autumn afternoons. White truffle has always been suffused with legend, as the finest of treasures which requires patience and expertise to uncover.
    The authentic simplicity of cooked grape must and the sophistication of natural white truffle extract make for a delicate condiment with an intense flavour which will transform your risottos, fresh and mature cheeses and also meat, game and quail eggs.
    Goccia Tartufo can be used instead of truffle flakes to add a touch of sophistication and tradition to your meals whenever you wish.

    Sweet and sour condiment

    Ingredients: cooked grape must (containes Sulfites)

    Sweet and sour Fuji apple condiment
    Ingredients: concentrated apple juice, concentrated grape must, apple vinegar (containes Sulfites)


    Sweet and sour white truffle condiment
    Ingredients: Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 90% (cooked grape must, wine vinegar), cooked grape must, Truffle 0.1%. aroma (containes Sulfites)

    Quantity: 50 ml each